Bay News September 4th 2014

All the goods for Dad

Panic stations, Father’ Day is this Sunday and if you’ve not got your dear old Dad a gift yet, fear thee not you children of Fathers, we have got you covered!

Greerton rocks when it comes to Fathers’ Day gift ideas, so consider these gems for the main man in your life..

Now while most will roll their eyes about the traditional “socks and jocks for dad”, I can guarantee a pair of possum fur socks will not be scoffed at. You can pick up a pair of these snuggly numbers from the possum factory store, though I’m not sure they stock possum fur undies!

A voucher from one of our many hair or beauty shops can be taken as an excellent hint (deal to that mono brow, mullets went out of fashion in the 80’s)!

A new wallet (check out the leather shop for a massive assortment), with long straps for the dad with super long pockets, or short arms. Or a new pair of pants (from Greerton Menswear) with short pockets could work too!

Of course you can’t go wrong with a Lotto ticket, card and magazine combo, just be sure to write your name on the ticket before you gift it, just in case!

Chocolates and speciality sweets are great (for sharing) – there’s an amazing array at Point of Difference, a few doors along from the Hobby Shop – home of all things men love!

And If you need to rack up a few brownie points do consider a watch, strapped to his wrist a consistent reminder of who the favourite child really is!

Then if all else fails get him to shout you brunch out (crepes?) or a stonegrilled steak.

Happy Fathers’ Day Dads!

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