Liquor Ban for Greerton Village Part Two










An election year is a good year to ask the Tauranga City Council to step up and help a working class community..... by helping us gain a Liquor Ban for Greerton Village!

It bewilders me that the public places in Greerton Village are not yet zoned liquor-free.. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not an anti-alcohol activist by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I am SO into liquor I went off to study wine science and viticulture, until I realised that what I really wanted to be was a professional wine taster – there were no jobs going at the time! But the day that I decide to sit on a park bench and get myself absolutely blotto, urinate on myself and leer at members of public I beg you, please put me down, for shame!

So while I might seem an unlikely candidate to be campaigning for a liquor ban for Greerton Village, it’s just not right that children, customers, visitors or anyone for that matter, should ever witness such a scene. This behaviour is intimidating for our elderly, is disturbing for our children and for our visitors it is really not a good look at all. This behaviour also affects our businesses, most of which have local owners and operators and who rely on this income to support their livelihoods.

In asking for this liquor ban are we sweeping a problem under the rug? Moving the problem onto another neighbourhood? Well in response to both, simply YES, yes we are. But in making it an offence to drink alcohol in our shopping centre, those individuals caught will be arrested and charged accordingly and repeat offenders will become known to the system. Ultimately it would be great if ‘the system’ was able to help them get back into society as functioning individuals. Homelessness seems to be a choice in New Zealand, that is taken up mostly by those with drug and alcohol addictions which have seen them unable to live with their families. It’s sad, but it doesn’t make it okay for them to behave badly in our corner of the world. There are Zero vacancies in Greerton Village thank you very much! And let’s not forget how these individuals came to be residing in Greerton in the first place – Ahem, they have been moved on from elsewhere.

Our application for a liquor ban was declined in 2010 due to a lack of evidence to support the need for a liquor ban. This year should (fingers crossed) be a very different story. In order to produce the required evidence I have been sneaking around taking photographic evidence of the offenders (feeling very Nancy Drew), collecting petition signatures, both in stores and online and encouraging our local residents to submit written submissions supporting our applications. (No-one will be identified in the photographs – it’s not a witch hunt.)

It’s not too late for you to show your support and help us get a favourable result for Greerton Village, sign our petition or write in a submission or better yet, do both!

It’s great to see our local residents instigating change for the betterment of our community, and your help, signature and thoughts are vital in making this happen.

The deadline for all petition signatures and submissions is May 31st.