Liquor Ban for Greerton Village








Enough is enough! Speak up Greerton Village, we want our streets liquor-free!

A quick stroll up Chadwick or Cameron Rd on any given day and you would be lucky not to bump into a one-man party happening on our park benches. If you’re lucky the party might be taking a break in the form of a passed-out drunk who has possibly urinated or vomited all over himself, if you’re not lucky at best you may get a complimentary wolf whistle, (propositioned for a dollar) or even better you may get to witness firsthand the intoxicated member urinating on your car!

All the of the above are a becoming a common sight in Greerton Village and while this is not a sight we want any our local community members to witness it is most worrying that our school children and elderly have to witness it on a daily basis, our business operators have to constantly clean up their soiled shop fronts and staff are intimidated when leaving after hours.

Why is this situation becoming a regular sight I hear you ask?

Well there are a few answers to that question. Firstly (and the one we would like to bring foremost to your attention) it is currently not illegal to drink alcohol in our Greerton Village streets. Tauranga CBD, Mount Maunganui, Memorial Park and the Fourth Avenue extension, Waitaha Reserve, including the Welcome Bay Hall site, Grenada Park, the Merivale shops and Surrey Grove Reserve are all liquor free zones in the Bay of Plenty – yes that’s correct, Memorial Park is zoned a liquor-free zone but not Greerton Village!

As we all know Greerton Village is a charming place and frankly if I was a drunk I would absolutely love to hang out here. But the fact that we have names for the ‘regulars’(bet you know who ‘Smelly Man’ is) or that we actually HAVE ‘regulars’ suggests the problem is not going away by itself.

Take action!

We are petitioning the Tauranga City for Greerton Village to be zoned a liquor-free zone giving us, residents, members of the public, members of our business community the power to have these unsavoury people removed from our village.

A previous application made in 2010 was declined due to a lack of evidence, in collecting petition signatures and written submissions from members of our public. This time we aim to gather more than enough evidence that our local council won’t be able to ignore.

You can help us to achieve Liquor-ban status in Greerton Village in a number of ways:

When you’re going about your daily business in Greerton Village, sign the petitions distributed thoughout our stores.

Check your mail box for the Liquor Ban written submission pack – fill it in outlining what we want and why,  return it by May 31st – alternatively you can download a submission form here.

Don’t fret if all of the above sounds like a little too much work, we have an online poll you can get amongst

So help us out by making your opinion heard, please feel free to leave your comments below.