Greerton Village Yarnbombing 2015

Every winter in Greerton Village a group of shadowy figures cover our trees – and bollards, signs and other things – with knitted and crocheted creativity. It is described as “bombing” the trees with “yarn” or “yarnbombing.”

This year the call has gone out to Greerton Village, wider Tauranga, the rest of New Zealand, and the World, for knitted and crocheted contributions to the Greerton Village Yarnbombing, to make this year the biggest and best “bombing” yet.

Do you knit? Do you crochet? Do you want to learn to knit and crochet?

If so, the ‘Greerton Guerillas’ our local “Yarn Artists” want you to join the campaign to warm up the Village this winter.

You can send squares and rows to Greerton Lotto -1295 Cameron Road – to be joined together and put on the trees, or you can even join the Greerton Guerillas themselves and learn all of the technical secrets of a true yarn artist.

Get involved. Flex your fingers for Greerton Village this July.


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